Contract Law

Preparation and/or legal examination of all kinds of agreements including but not limited to the following:

A written business contract is the basis of each and every good co-operation.

Whichever type of business you may have, the contribution of a lawyer in the field of contracts with your associates and employees is essential.

Co-operation nowadays have become extremely complicated due to growingly business dangers and numerous laws that apply in each case. Even in what can seem the simplest form of co-operation (e.g. advertisement on a website) the use of specific legal terms is of extreme essence.

Those co-operations that reach to an agreement require a proper and detailed contract, made by a lawyer, which will regulate the parties’ relationships. It ensures that the contract is legally bound, accurate and sets the foundation for an untroubled co-operation.

Contracts are also essential with your associates, partners and employees so that both employers and employees are covered in their obligations and rights.

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