About Veljanoski Law & Patent Office

Veljanoski Law & Patent Office is a law firm, founded in Skopje, Macedonia, by the partners – Attorneys at Law Mrs.Milena Veljanoska–Stoilovska and Mr.Ivan Veljanoski. Veljanoski Law & Patent Office provides wide range of legal services to individual and corporate clients at high quality standards in more than one legal field.

We believe client relationships are the key to superior legal representation. We strive to build strong long-term relationships with our clients, with an emphasis on individual attention and open dialogue. Individual attention allows us to fully understand our clients' legal needs and develop comprehensive solutions across the practice areas.

For the needs of our clients we follow up of all laws and regulations or their amendments passed, and give our opinions, advices and suggestions; we may take part in negotiations on concluding different type of contracts and make drafts of contracts, represent our clients in front of all judicial and administrative bodies on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, as well as in relations with third persons. With our clients legal entities, we usually make an Agreement of providing legal services on regular basis by which we obligate ourselves to be at their disposal for any legal matter and need.

Along with its experience, Veljanoski Law & Patent Office grants several basis: quality, responsiveness, integrity and aim to provide real value for money. Our goal is to accomplish our clients’ needs, to evaluate options and provide solutions. We have the necessary knowledge to navigate our clients through the fast changing legal and business environment. Our Office is committed to provide the professional services and technical excellence.

Veljanoski Law and patent office has a wealth of experience representing clients in the following practice areas: - civil litigation; - property law; - intellectual property, - criminal law; - administrative law; - Employment & Labor; - Insurance; - Finance; -corporate law; - business law; - Contracts; - Patents; - Real estate; - Securities; - Trademarks, - Family law etc.

For our foreign Clients we provide all our legal services on English, German, Serbian and Croatian language.